It's our decade to create a world for bees.

Want to start your honey bee colony in 2021?

Course starts January 22 !

Natural Beekeeping 101

This well-designed comprehensive course is for beginners, new beekeepers, and bee lovers!  You'll get an excellent foundation in bee biology, equipment, apiary options, honey bee health, seasonal colony care, harvesting from the hive, and much more. 

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Inspiring learning experiences

so you can make the world better for honey bees and wild bees


It IS possible for colonies to thrive year after year.  Small hobby apiaries prioritize bee health and gentle care.


Landscape science helps us understand what bees need on farms, in cities, and in backyard gardens. 

Wild bees

Ecosystems and food crops need wild bees. In most places, these bees require conservation and extra help.


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